• Speaker interview: Andy Hume

    Andy works in the engineering team at Twitter. He was previously software architect at the Guardian and engineering manager at Microsoft. He tells us why developers shouldn’t worry about specialising and why he’s excited about ServiceWorker.

  • Speaker interview: Alice Bartlett

    Alice is a front-end developer on GOV.UK, the single point of access to the UK Government’s digital services. She also recently launched Tampon Club! Read her answers to our interview questions and find out why she loves Preview.

  • Speaker interview: Rich Harris

    Rich is an interactive journalist at, working on new ways to tell stories. He lives in Brooklyn, the capital of JavaScript. We grabbed a couple of minutes with him to get him to answer some quick development-related questions.

  • Speaker interview: Soledad Penadés

    Soledad is Senior engineer at Mozilla. She builds and helps people build web apps. She’s also slightly obsessed with Web Audio, creating spooky weird sound generators and nice UIs to control them. She took the time to answer some of our burning front-end questions!

  • Speaker interview: Mark Otto

    Mark is co-creator of Bootstrap and works at GitHub. He once designed Britney Spears’ website, plays a lot of Destiny, and is a huge nerd. We’re so excited to have him deliver our keynote session that we couldn’t wait! We had to pick his brains a little first. Luckily he was game…

  • Speaker interview: Rosie Campbell

    Rosie is a Research Technologist at BBC R&D, where she develops cool stuff to shape the future of broadcasting. She loves coding, science, and creativity. We asked her about her favourite projects, her top underrated tools, and advice she wishes she’d received when she started out.

  • Speaker interview: Dave Methvin

    Dave Methvin is President of the jQuery Foundation, and dedicated to improving web performance. He’s been using web technologies since 1996 and contributing to jQuery since 2006. He kindly agreed to let us throw some quick-fire interview-style questions at him!

  • Getting the most out of a tech conference

    We’ve organised a few events in our time and we try to get to as many conferences and meetups as we can, so we thought we’d share some of our tried and tested tips for getting the most out of attending a tech event.


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