jQuery UK 2015

The UK's largest front-end developer conference

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About the conference

jQuery UK returned to Oxford for its fourth year, featuring the biggest names in front-end development.

Previous events: 2012, 2013 & 2014.

jQuery UK isn’t running in 2016 – check out Render, a new front-end conference from the same organisers! Learn more.

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WOW! Yes, that’s what I’m starting with. It was that good. The organisers did a great job of lining up some of the most recognised leaders in frontend web development.
Tquila, sponsor
Best. Conference. Ever.
Todd Parker, speaker
Every single talk left my brain firing on all cylinders and making plans for change. Change in the way I approach projects, change in the way I think about code and change in the way I intend to grow as a developer.
Shaun Dunne, delegate


Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors. For information on sponsoring jQuery UK please contact Ruth.